2015, epoxy resin, glass, memories, 300 x 10 cm.



Three meters of memories” is about symbolic destroying of sad memories. I kept some pictures, tickets and notes - stuff that reminds me of moments I should let go. I covered the pieces with resin – so they are sort of encapsulated.  However, the pieces still exist because they represent reminders of important lessons and reason for character growth. However, the act of destroying is what release the soul. Process of releasing the “memories” and letting go of all that no longer serves me was the most important task.

The pieces are arranged on a three-meter-long line.


Has been displayed in:

12.05.2016, Compromised Collaborations: Opening Event, Café Ollo, The Media Centre, 7 Northumberland St, HD1 1RL, Huddersfield, UK

2015, Annual Exhibition of graduate Bachelors class 2014/15 of National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

2020, Textile, Exhibition at CultureBench - Open Space for Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria